Building Voice Assistants for the Real Estate Industry

Brent is an extremely talented and dedicated software engineer. His efforts literally reshaped and solidified our software solutions and hence our business. I appreciated his disciplined approach, yet he remained flexible to "real world" situations when necessary to move forward. Brent is at the top of my list when I need a software project designed and/or implemented.​
Philip Allen
Philip Allen


Do you need a better way to communicate with your members? We can build you a custom skill so all of your MLS information is just a few words away.


Differentiate your brokerage from everyone else. Provide voice assistants to help your agents get work done easier.
Create skills for buyers and sellers to stay in touch with your agents.
Create your own list of concierge services that home owners can access just by saying "I need someone to fix a leak."


Close more leads by impressing sellers with your technology.
Stay in touch with past clients with your own voice assistant.

Improve your Listings

If you want to improve your listings check out my other business at
You can get started today, no custom skill required!




I can develop a website that highlights your business. Together we'll make sure we create a user experience your customers will love.



You have unique problems. Sometimes you need unique software. Smithgeek can help design and develop any of your software needs.



I'll meet with your team and we will discuss your business goals. I will then deliver a technology roadmap to maximize your return on investment.


Blog Posts

Having a blog is a good way to keep your site fresh in the eyes of customers and Google. Not everyone has the time or desire to write. I can help you source blog posts from freelance writers.



Do you want to get an online shop set up? I can help you with a website and integrate features like cart abandonment solutions.


Managed Services

Your day is already busy enough. I can manage your content updates so you can focus on the part of your business that only you can do.

Core Values


Software Craftsmanship

Lots of companies can write software. We want to write software that anyone can maintain for years to come.



We're big fans of cloud services. They help us give you better services faster and at a cheaper price.



Many companies write software and hope that it works. We believe in writing tests for our code so that we know future changes don't break what we've already done.



Automating deployments is important. We can help you make the hard stuff easy by adopting automation.


When I first worked with Brent, he was our team lead and was responsible for the direction of our development efforts. He also designed and built many of our critical systems. Later, as IT Director, I hired Brent in a consultation role based on his excellent track record and experience. He developed a mission critical data application for us using a service oriented architecture (SOA) and Azure Service Fabric. He is easily one of the smartest and most talented programmers I’ve ever worked with. His code is excellent, and he is adept at understanding business needs and translating them into usable, maintainable software. I will hire him again at every opportunity.
steve bowers
Steve Bowers
Director Of Information Technology at Centralized Showing Service
Brent works tirelessly to solve problems the correct way and will often go above and beyond, of his own accord, to make himself or the team more efficient. He has written tools to aid in debugging or automate/improve a manual process, offer suggestions for process improvement, and even set up server monitoring with bots, graphs, and notifications none of which previously existed.
Sean Templeton
Senior Software Engineer
Brent has a rare level of natural ability and dedication to his profession, consistently producing correct, robust, flexible, and readable software. If you need a software engineer with impressive technical abilities who can reliably produce high quality software while rapidly switching between tools and technologies as dictated by project needs, then I highly recommend Brent.
alex fawkes
Alex Fawkes
Software Engineer

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